Core Team

Manish Ranjan

Chief Executive Officer

The founding visionary of the massive quizzing movement, Manish had his Eureka moment when he realized that he had that magic ingredient of the success soup: a burning, obsessive, driving passion. He had the hawk’s eye for questions. QuizIndia saw the absolute zenith of his quizzing genius when he introduced Face Off – a quiz round where he masterfully merges two images of well-known personalities, and the quizzer has to identify the both of them. A priceless asset to the company, Manish carries on his able shoulders the weight of ten years of experience with children. He has seen countless quizzers grow, some to be illustrious quizmasters. We still fondly recall his Eureka moment: Manish saw Amitabh Bachchan lend half his face to Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar in an astrology special by a televised sadhu, and our CEO envisioned one of QuizIndia’s most exciting quiz rounds!

Natasha Kapoor

Chief Operations Officer 

QuizIndia was founded on the guiding principles of constant, relentless innovation. Natasha is striking testimony to this fact. An anchor beyond match in almost all QuizIndia contests, she has doubtlessly proven her extraordinary mettle for dealing with child psychology. Ever the reservoir of surprisingly unending energy and hilariously jocular vibe, she strikes a perfect chord of razzmatazz with the audience on the other end. If there is any one singular person in the QuizIndia team who keeps our hamstrings in working order, it is this magical lady.


Ajay Adhikari

Quiz Master and Head of Advisory Council

His predominant fame comes from his association with the world of quizzing for much more than thirty years now. His profile could succinctly be showcased in but a few words: “Been all over, done all that,” for he is the very personification of quizzing power itself. A master of audience connect, he has been a powerhouse of a quizmaster, and perhaps much more importantly, an advisor whose resounding vision has led QuizIndia to the apex of its success.

Ishan Mukherjee

Quizmaster and Head of the Content Design Panel

At the age of 13, when most kids dream of illustrious careers, Ishan is the definition of quizzing innovation. His ingenious stage-play and extraordinary involvement skills, coupled with his incomparable content, make him a quizmaster beyond match. A quizmaster sure to leave the hall thundering with torrential applause after each singular question. A self-proclaimed (though we disagree not) control freak, his team never ceases to notice one of his driving obsessions: after every quiz show, he replays the video, feverishly chalking points in his journal. The next day, the technical officials, the camera crew, and, most noticeably, he himself, get a thorough sermon of what he calls the “gauche of the game.” Perfection, unsurprisingly, is what he dies for. Proof: Would you believe that it took him two hours to write this bio?